Friday, October 18, 2013

Mmmm cotton!

After looking in my local yarn stores for 100% cotton and coming out empty handed - I decided to look online. And what did I find? I needed to take out a second mortgage just to make a dishcloth!! My desire to crochet and my thrifty nature decided that it would be good to cooperate... which sent me on an online hunt for the cotton I wanted and without having to sell my kidneys to get it.

Then I found - and what would you know!? They were having a sale on cotton yarn. I ended up getting it cheaper per ball, including shipping by half than what they were charging here in Australia. So I bought up!

I can't show you all of it because some of it's for a dishcloth challenge and I want it to be a surprise - but I can show you this yarn - which I plan to make something for one or both of the girls for summer wear this year.

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