Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Therapy tools...

Not wanting to go into too much detail, to protect the privacy of my daughter, my ASD girl is having some troubles with negative thinking - so much so that it impacts her day to day life and interactions. I have made up some visual reminders for her to look at and help her change her own thinking in regards to how she sees things. We both worked on this and have come up with these together.

Here they are:

This is negative Nelly - and the things that she says and thinks.

 photo null_zps791e1e14.jpg

This is Positive Polly - and the things she says and thinks.
 photo null_zps64a9ea46.jpg

And this is a tool to eliminate some of the frustration my daughter experiences and so she can spend her energy focusing of the things that she can change and control instead of the things she can't.

 photo null_zps2b53638e.jpg

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