Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cuppa tea luv?

I quickly whipped up another item to go in Mum's travel bag - it's a tea bag caddy. I got this idea from Pinterest - which took me to Wild Olive. I based the idea on it.

I drew the shape on some felt I had laying about and cut it up, sewed it together with embroidery floss and then embroidered some pretties on it. All up, it took me about an hour. Not bad for hand sewing everything.

 photo null_zps44c46456.jpg

Why is the handle on the wrong side? Did you even notice? :P
My Mum is left handed. So I made her a teacup that she could hold in her preferred hand.

I filled it up with some lovely herbal and fruit teas for her - I am not endorsed by Twining, but I must say they have a lovely selection of teas! It's now tucked away in her little bag for Mother's Day.

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