Friday, April 12, 2013

Weighty matters

I have mentioned before that I have two kids who are on the spectrum. Well the eldest one has a lot of trouble sleeping as part of having ASD. She has trouble winding down, falling asleep and staying asleep. The Occupational Therapist recommended for her a weighted blanket. I looked online for them, and they were so expensive for what they were! And they weren't very pretty either.

Well no girl of mine was going to have an ugly weighted blanket. I was able to purchase some charm squares from my favorite fabric supplier, (on special mind!) and found plastic pellets in my local Spotlight store and made up my own weighted blanket.

 photo F9A34D78-573D-4838-8787-FEB0AFD53772-1990-00000306DEC9CC92_zps82ee7b23.jpg

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red in oz said...

looks awesome Skip! I hope she loves it and it helps her to settle xxx