Friday, December 21, 2012

Advent Blog Along #21 - Day off

Today is my birthday - so I'm not doing anything for anyone else but ME! I worked my butt off last night to finish the Christmas presents that I'm making this year. Here is where I am at:

Applique initials on 4 x facewashers for nieces and nephew
Applique name on towel and initial on facewasher for Cousin's little girl
6 x rice hot packs
6 x felt bookmarks

2 x mug rugs 
1 small table topper 
Secret squirrel project
Menu for Christmas Day
Decide what to bake for Christmas and Christmas gifts.

Bake: Gingerbread, White chocolate and cranberry cookiesRocky road, Fruit mince slice

Just have the Fruit mince slice to make! YAY!

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