Sunday, October 14, 2012

One small step for Skip... one giant leap for Crafter-kind

Yes.. I still live. I didn't die. I didn't quit crafting. It's just that this little thing came along and zapped what energy I had, and what time I had.... it's called life. I've been doing some things, plodding along on projects, but didn't have the energy or the will to blog and tell you about it. (That's even if there IS a you... I'm sure what few readers I had have given up on me!)

Over the last two days, we have been converting the nursery to an office for DH to work in. He gets two days a week to work from home when he finishes his probation (which is coming up soon). So as part of that, I did a massive sort out and declutter of my craft room. All the boxes of fabric and notions and whatnot are all piled high in the office, in a corner. I now have a simple, clutter free, open and tidy craft nook. Having a tidy desk was very inspiring.

I wanted to do something, but what? I didn't want to pull out a messy project, and have it sit there for another week until I could get back to it. I wanted to do something different from my ripple crochet project. What could I do?

I dipped into the box that has stuff that I want to recycle and revamp and found the clock that I painted for the nursery nearly 10 years ago. Our lovely kitchen clock recently fell to it's death when someone banged the wall (rather hard). We needed a new kitchen clock.

I pulled out some paper, my permanent marker and scissors. Inspired by a pin on Pinterest, I made this baby....

87EB2BFE-FF82-43DB-86CA-9FC49E89D15C-4429-0000050EED734206, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

It's only a small project, but it was a start to get those cobwebs cleared and the creativity flowing again for next time when I have a small window of opportunity to create.

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Car said...

Im still here reading ;)

love that clock!