Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent Blog Along - 19th December

Everything is getting very fast and furious now. I'm working all day and all evening on Christmas presents. Things are slowly coming together, but I think it will be December 24 that has all the pressies finished.

So here is where I am at:
Yesterday I forgot that I needed to make something for my niece for Christmas. Her Mum loves handmade stuff, and isn't too keen on toys for her kids. So I have decided to make her a cute little tote with a cute embroidery panel on it. I've cut up the fabric, and the embroidery will be done tonight.

I've decided to make Aunty Lyn a tote bag and a note book. The tote bag will be fairly easy, and the notebook will have some embroidery on it.

Nanna called a few days ago and said she is coming around to drop off the family's presents. I feel bad if I don't give her anything, and she goes away for Christmas, so baked goodies won't be any good to her.

I've finished Mum's main present bar the hand stitching of the binding - which I'll do tonight.

EJ's quilt has been tied. Looks pretty good too I might add. :) Just need to decide what to do with the edges, and then bind it.

Mop's quillow needs a pocket on it, and then that is done.

These are the most important things that need doing. Anything else after that is a bonus. :)

So, onto other things. About a month ago I finished a quilt, which I totally forgot to show!! I was generously given some beautiful squares, which I made into a nine patch quilt. Simple but so lovely. I use this in my photoshoots.

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Kuka said...

that quilt is so pretty!
Love your idea of popping choc dipped oreos in pringles tins! (also a good excuse to eat more pringles!)