Saturday, June 18, 2011

An 11.59th hour finish

Yesterday I was meant to finish this project. It is good friends of ours little girls birthday party, which my DD was invited to. I couldn't be bothered. And I started it really late yesterday... then this morning crawled out of bed to finish it. It had to be finished my 12:30pm today... and I finished it at 12:20pm. 10 minutes to spare!! :) Talk about a close finish!!

When the birthday girl opened her present, she immediately held it up against her body, realisation suddenly dawning on her. "So THAT'S why you took my measurements the other day?" I smiled, "That's right!" She admired it a while longer. Then I noticed her friends looking at it, one particular girl looking at it in admiration. "Did you MAKE that??" she finally said. I felt a little bit proud. I had impressed a 9 year old. :) The birthday girl finally put it aside and sighed "I wish it was summer!"

Happy birthday Aimee!
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