Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am LOVING school holidays!

I have nothing to show you yet, but am making good progress on a few projects and I'm pleased that I have hours a day to work on things.

I have also been doing craft with the kids as well everyday so far of the school holidays. It's been really fun and they have loved it.... and we are slowly but surely plowing our way through the craft box, using up bits and pieces.

So what have I been doing?
I was asked by a friend to make a few of the characters from the book "How to train a dragon" - I must admit I'm really stoked with how they are turning out. They should be finished fairly soon.

I was given some pre-cut squares by Kayscha when she did a big clear out in preparations for her renovations (which are well under way I might add!) - so I today have just finished piecing the squares together to make a 9-patch square. I will be adding white sashing to them and then hopefully have it basted and ready to hand quilt this winter. :) Happy days!!

I just whipped up a cute little tote bag for a little boy's birthday present. That's finished, and just needing some natural light for a photo to show off. :)

My next task is to start cutting up the flannelette for more raggy quilts. One for my boy and one for another little boy who I thinks needs a bit of spoiling for his birthday.

I'm loving these school holidays. And in six weeks I'll be partying because uni will be over for a while (apart from doing the final exam) and I am going to kick back, drop a subject and craft more for the rest of the year! HAPPY DAYS!

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