Monday, January 24, 2011

Upcycling for SPD

Some of you may remember that my son has Sensory processing disorder. Part of his therapy is using a weighted cushion on his lap before he reaches a place of high stress, or if he's starting to get a bit fidgety and over-done. Anyway.... for kindy I made him a Humpty Dumpty weighted cushion, which I can't believe I didn't blog!! Oh well... So I thought with EJ starting school, I better make him a new one, that isn't so "kindyish". I also needed to make the cushion appropriate for his weight so it will be effective.

Some years ago MIL gave EJ a stuffed car. It's pretty useless really. It's just a decorative piece, that spent a good many years sat on the shelf or in the cupboard. He never played with it or lay on it or anything.... So I decided to use it as a a base for a weighted cushion!

I ripped open it's seam - and pulled out a great deal of stuffing (which I'll use later on I'm sure!) and then refilled it with poly-plastic beans. I closed the seam and this is the final result.


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