Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to School project #1

Has anyone else found that art smocks in the shops only go to size 6? Yeah.... that totally sucks!

The school required Mop to have a waterproof art smock.... and she is a size 8. She has outgrown Littlest Pet Shop and I really didn't want to pay through the roof for a handmade smock from Etsy and Madeit and they weren't waterproof anyway.

So... I decided to make one by myself. I nipped into Spotlight and bought an off-cut of curtain block out material, which is thick - it cost me $3. Wow... big bucks! I used THIS pattern as a guide and THIS design and came up with a cute smock. Then I sprayed it with Selleys Waterproofing spray and it is now waterproof, paint staining the uniform proof.... and no one in her class will have one exactly like this. :) She's wearing an original!


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Car said...

Big thumbs up, its too cute!