Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby shower gift


A friend of mine had her baby shower on Saturday and this is what I made. Burp cloths! I love these! I wish I was sewing when I had babies, because I would have had heaps of groovy looking ones!

I attached a poem to the parcel of burp cloths as well as a kind of explanation of what they are, just in case it's not that obvious to the new Mama.

You are anticipating the arrival
Of your precious bundle of joy
As a seasoned Mum, I tell you
It will be a messy girl or boy.

Rosy cheeks, big blue eyes,
Snuffles, “goo’s” and “a-gah”
Are all cute and endearing....
Until they dribble down your bra

When Junior’s had too much to eat
And burps up the excess
It’s better for Junior to puke on these
Than down the back of your dress

Let’s not forget the endearing grins
That are toothless to begin
When the darling’s teeth start to appear
The dribble flows down their chin

So here is a baby burp cloth
They are pretty and they are thick
You place it on your shoulder
To catch the baby’s sick....
And snot...
And sneezes...
And the dribbles...

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