Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first dress....

When Skipper was 17 years old, doing her final year of high school, vulnerable, impressionable, she also was taking Home Economics. She tried to make a dress - and it was a shamozzle. She tried to make an apron - and it was even worse! She tried her hardest to learn to sew, but she just couldn't grasp it.

"You are hopeless Skipper! You will NEVER learn to sew!" The words my Home Ec teacher still ring loud and clear in my ears.

Well do you know what??

(Excuse the blurry shot, my 8 year old took it)

I made this. :)




alliecat said...

Great work, looks fantastic!

Car said...

Love the last line PMSL!!! the fpdress looks great and BTW I too sucked at home ec and was told I talked too much to ever master the art ;)
Turns out I ran into my old teacher at a church service a few months back and she mentioned not getting much time to sew now and my mum pipes up "car sews ALL the time and she's brilliant at it" way to go mummy :D

thedovenest said...

Looks great Skip!! Well done you!