Friday, July 9, 2010

Let's begin shall we?

Dear Gail, Car and Kylie.

Welcome to 24 weeks until Christmas Challenge. I hope that we can inspire and encourage each other with our different projects as we countdown to Christmas.

Every week I'll have a linky thingamebobbo (I know, I'm highly technalomoigical) - and as you complete Christmas projects - add the link. If you finish more than one project that week, please feel free to link it. If you don't finish a project, but have been working on something, link anyway - we want to read and see what you are doing. :) I realize some projects can take a long time. This isn't designed to pressure you in any way.

A button is available for you to pop on your blog if you would like to, so others can join in if they desire. You may have noticed I didn't put a deadline in to sign up - I figure if people want to join in, they may at anytime. It's about having fun and trying to make Christmas creating less crazy than it has to be!

I'll be back tomorrow with my first christmas present. :)

xxx Skipper

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