Friday, December 11, 2009

A 2010 project.

I had a massive surge of irritation.
This usually happens the day before a certain ladies thing arrives.
I was looking around my very messy craft room. I'm a messy creator. I create, and I also create mess, then when the project is done, I clean up and start again.

In my irritation I saw a cardboard box and another small box filled with scraps.

That irritated me. So I tipped Milly's toys out of one of the plastic storage tubs, and nicked another one - and started to sort. Big scraps, little scraps. Flanelette scraps - mate I had heaps of these! Scraps, scraps scraps.

Then I had a brain wave. Because 2010 is going to be a financially horrid year for us, because we are paying for stuff that will help my son, I'm going to use what I already have. I'm going to make a big quilt out of my scrappy bits and pieces. All I'll need to buy will be the wadding. :)

I think I'll enjoy this. :)

So what WAS a burst of PMT, turned out to be a challenge for 2010 that will save money, and keep me busy! I'm looking forward to it!

I'll be posting my project lists for 2010 soon.

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