Wednesday, November 25, 2009

She's makin' a list, she's checking it twice.

I'm taking a leaf out of Gail's book - she's done a massive list of all she needs to accomplish until Christmas.

1. N's Secret Santa gift - a tote bag (due 2nd December)
2. Mum's xmas present - quilted item
3. Mum's xmas present - 2 other items but can't blog them because she reads this!!
4. Milly's fairy skirt
5. Mop's quilted pillow
6. K's SS gift - tote bag (due 4th December)
7. Make Shell's shopping bag
8. Make placemats for Xmas table
9. Make Salt dough decorations with the kids
10. Bind Baby C's quilt (due early december)
11. Shopping bag for Mrs J.
12. Finish all the baubles

This could possibly be added to... let's hope I can get this all done!!

So stop just sitting here Skip, MOVE IT!!!


Car said...

Hey Skip - lovely looking list you have there for Christmas!

are you coming to join us in my advent blog-a-long? Come on - I know you want to!!! It's my little way of keeping it all together in the christmas rush :D

~*PaKaHaJa*~ said...

Wow!! You're list looks longer than mine... Mind you, I'm sure I'll think of other stuff to add to it between now and Christmas.. lmao...

We'll have to have LOTS and LOTS of sew-a-thon's to try and get everything finished on time. I'm losing motivation to get everything finished.

Good luck.