Monday, July 6, 2009

7 in 7 over!!

.. and I didn't complete it all fully. Oh well... I made great headway!

1. Finish Mop's album (I'm about 2 years behind!)
STATUS: Got a few done, but not finished.

2. Finish Milly's album (I'm about 1 year behind!)
STATUS: Baby part is done... still about 6 months to go.

3. Finish my grandparents album for Xmas (8 layouts)
STATUS: Complete

4. Make a start on our family album (I'm about 4 years behind!!)
STATUS: Complete

5. Sew up a shopping bag for Mum for her 5kg reward
STATUS: Complete - photo to come, when I can be bothered uploading it!

6. Cut up wadding for Milly's raggy quilt.
STATUS: Complete

7. Get all Milly's fabric and wadding sewn together, ready for assembly
STATUS: Complete

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