Saturday, June 13, 2009

7 Projects in 7 days

I have decided to set myself a challenge!
7 projects completed in 7 days. This hopefully will inspire me to get a few UFO's finished!

1. A layout for my family album
2. A folio cover for me.
3. Edit Cat's wedding photos
4. Finish Olivia's quilt (she will be born in 2 weeks, I need to move it!)
5. Cut out all the fabric for Milly's raggy quilt
6. One square of embroidery for Mop's quilt
7. A layout for my grandparents Christmas album.


Car said...

Great idea Skip :)

Good luck achieving your 7 in 7 days... I'd love to join in, but this week WILL be a shocker for me ~ a 2 year old "dorothy" party to organise, cakes, cupcakes & party bags to be done - YIKES!!! All with said 2yo under foot :p

Ruth said...

Good luck skip! I think I need to do 7 day challenge too. Maybe next week...